September 16, 2019

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Should You Consider Collaborative Divorce?

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The end of a marriage is so very personal and often emotional. And yet, it is also a legal process. Divorce can mean different things to different couple and individuals. For some, it is the tearing apart of their family. Others are focused on feelings of betrayal of failure. There can be fear of how you will support yourself financially, and fear of losing your children. If you and your spouse spent years building a life together, there can be a deep sense of loss when thinking about the division of property and assets.

At the same time, many couples are simply ready to go their separate ways as simply and peacefully as possible. Collaborative divorce is often the best option both for those facing a deeply painful divorce and those who are just ready to put the marriage behind them.

Privacy and Control

Collaborative divorce keeps your details private. They don’t become a matter of public record like they will if you get into a court battle. More importantly, you and your spouse have control over the process and the outcome. You work together to reach an outcome that satisfies both of you, instead of being subject to arbitrary decisions made by a judge. That means, you have a chance to give up some things that don’t matter to you anyway and ask for things you find deeply important.

When Kids Are Involved

Collaborative divorce can pave the way for better co-parenting and make for a much less traumatic experience for your kids. That aspect alone makes it well worth considering if kids are involved.

You Don’t Have to Be “Besties”

We’ve all heard the stories of couples who just shouldn’t be married to each other but stay the best of friends for the rest of their lives. Maybe you know one of those couples. Maybe you’re really lucky and fall into the category.

But if you’re like most people facing divorce, it’s not that pretty and you may feel like a legal battle is the only solution, the only way to get what you deserve. You and your spouse don’t have to get along, you don’t even have to like each other anymore, to benefit from collaborative divorce. And it can mean walking away with a life-long outcome that is less painful and less destructive for you.

Collaborative divorce is not appropriate for every situation. To learn more, please talk to an experienced divorce attorney today.

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